Had been build for 29 years, KEK (Exclusive Economic Area) Mandalika is not a regular project. This area is prepared for tourism area in Lombok Island, Nusa Tengggara Barat. KEK Mandalika having an area as wide as 1034 hectare that is worked by PT Indonesia Tourism Development Corporate (ITDC), the BUMN that had been succeed built tourism area at Nusa Dua in Bali. Autor: Silvita Agmasari

Monumen Putri Mandalika at Seger Beach is believed to be the location where the princess threw herself into the ocean.

Want to see the majestic landscape of Mount Rinjani among the fog and clouds without having to climb? Come to Taman Wisata Pusuk Sembalun, where you can enjoy the stunning mountain scenery without physical activity at an altitude of 1250 meters above sea level. Location: Jl. Wisata Gn. Rinjani, Sembalun Bumbung, Sembalun, Kabupaten Lombok Timur, NTB

Getting there: The place is a 2-hour drive from Selong City. From Selong, drive along Jalan Sultan Agung towards Jalan Pejanggik in Majidi. Then continue through Jalan Raya Mataram – Labuan Lombok and Jalan Segara Anak to Jalan Wisata Gn. Rinjani. Continue traveling until you reach the viewing post.

The towering cliffs on this black sand beach look very unique and exotic. At first glance, it is reminiscent of the Grand Canyon in America. The cliffs with curved texture like a sculpture originated from the terrible eruption of Mount Rinjani Tua or Samalas in the year 1257. Sediments of clouds that bring various materials then meet with the cold sea water and thrown into the mainland, forming the hill on this beach. Location: Dusun Luk, Desa Sambiq Bangkol, Kecamatan Gangga, Lombok Utara Getting there: This place is about 42 km north of Mataram City or approximately 1.5-hour drive. You can use a car, motorbike, or public transport. Public transport fares from Mandalika Terminal in Mataram to the Tebing Beach is around Rp 25.000 per person. The location of this beach is behind SMPN 2 (junior high school), with an entrance access from the highway approximately 200 meters away.

Kuta Beach, Lombok was the first to be famous in the Mandalika area. It is located in the western end of Mandalika. It is often compared with Kuta Beach Bali; however, it is better than the one in Bali – cleaner and more quiet.

To the east of Kuta Beach is Seger Beach, a beach shaped like a peninsula. Seger Beach follows the popularity of Kuta Beach because it has an annual event, Bau Nyale Festival, and it has a monument of Putri Nyale which adds to the beauty of the location.

Serenting Beach is to the east of Seger Beach. The beach line is much longer, and it is also an area included in the Baue Nyale Festival.

Merese Hill can be considered as the best spot to enjoy the view of Mandalika from a height. Merese Hill is located between Serenting Beach and Tanjung Aan Beach. The ride up the hill is also exciting and it burns calories. The hill is also quite a large area, so there are many choices of places and backgrounds to take pictures. The view towards Tanjung Aan Beach and Serenting Beach are equally beautiful.

At the eastern end of Tanjung Aan Beach, there is a unique natural phenomenon called Batu Payung. It is a rock formed naturally by erosion, scouring of seas and thousands of years of wind. It is a coral formation that is shaped like a fungus, or the locals call it an umbrella. From that, the name Batu Payung is given. Do not forget to visit and take photos!

At the easternmost end of Mandalika is Gerupuk Beach. This is the best surfing spot in Mandalika. There are several surf camps for tourists here who want to have a vacation while trying out the waves.