The Indonesian National Armed Forces Mandalika International Marathon 2018 will take place on Sunday, 4th November 2018 at Kuta Mandalika, Lombok.
The competition will start at 05.00 GMT+8. The flag off sequence is as follows:
a. First flag off (05.25): 42K
b. Second flag off (05.35): 21K
c. Third flag off (05.45): 10K
d. Fourth flag off (06.00): 5K
Registration will be opened from Thursday, 9th 2018 until 15th October 2018. Registration may be closed in advance if the target quota is reached.
The registration guide for The Indonesian National Armed Forces Mandalika International Marathon 2018 is as follows:
a. Go to www.tnimarathon.com and click “REGISTER NOW”
b. Fill in your data on the registration form
c. Make sure that the data you have filled in is accurate
d. Click “SEND” and choose a payment method (credit card or bank transfer)
e. Make a payment based on the chosen method
f. Within a maximum of 2x24 hours the admin will send a registration confirmation email which serves as proof for race pack pickup.
g. If you do not receive a payment confirmation within those 2x24 hours, contact our customer service on the information listed on the website.
Once you are listed as a participant, you will receive a race pack which includes:
a. Bag
b. Jersey
c. BIB Number
d. Finisher medal (for all finishers)
There are 11 race categories with the following qualifications:
  • 5K :
    1. Student (Man/Women, <18 years, Indonesian)
    2. National (Man/Women, Indonesian)

  • 10K :
    1. Master (Man/Women, >45 years, Indonesian)
    2. National (Man/Women, Indonesian)
    3. TNI/POLRI (Man/Women, Indonesian)

  • 21K :
    1. Master (Man/Women, >45 years, Indonesian)
    2. National (Man/Women, Indonesian)
    3. TNI/POLRI/POLISI (Man/Women, Indonesian)
    4. International (Man/Women, Indonesian or Foreigner)
    5. Armed Forces / police Country Friends (Man/Women, Indonesian or Foreigner)

  • 42K :
    1. National (Man/Women, Indonesian)
    2. International (Man/Women, Indonesian or Foreigner)
All legitimate winners are entitled to receive prizes based on those listed on the registration website: www.tnimarathon.com
Participants of The Indonesian National Armed Forces Mandalika International Marathon 2018 are those above 7 years old, physically and mentally healthy, and match the qualifications in each category.

Race pack can be picked up at:

Day, date: Thursday – Saturday, 25th – 27th October 2018

Time: 10.00 – 19.00 GMT+7
Location: Panti Perwira, Balai Sudirman (Jl. Dr. Saharjo No.268, Menteng Dalam, Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan)

Day, date: Friday, 2nd November 2018
Time: 10.00 – 19.00 GMT+8
Location: Epicentrum Mall Mataram, Nusa Tenggara Barat

Day, date: Saturday, 3rd November 2018
Time: 10.00 – 19.00 GMT+8
Location: Pantai Kuta, Mandalika, Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat

Race pack cannot be obtained on the day of the event. Participants who are unable to pick up the race pack on the scheduled days will be considered to have resigned and the registration fee is deemed forfeited.
- The deposit counter will be provided at the race village for participants who have a BIB number.
- To avoid queuing, participants are expected to arrive early.
- Deposit counters will only operate from 04.30 to 13.00 GMT+8.

- Participants are expected to only bring needed items.
- Participants are strictly prohibited from carrying sharp objects or other dangerous objects
- Participants with special needs are encouraged to bring personal equipment (e.g., inhaler).
Participants can park their cars at the provided area. Since the parking area is limited, participants are expected to use public transportation or to use the shuttle service provided by the committee.
You can get all the information about the race on the official website of The Indonesian National Armed Forces Mandalika International Marathon 2018 website (http:www.tnimarathon.com/), social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube), or by contacting our customer service via phone at +62 21-2279-7755 (office) or +62 8964 3339 653 (WhatsApp) or email info@tnimarathon.com .
Drinking water points will be provided along the track (every 2,5KM) and at the start/finish area. You can get detailed information on drinking water points at the information portal of the event.
Participants are strictly prohibited from cutting tracks or using shortcuts. Participants who violate these rules will be disqualified.
The committee will provide limited shuttle service. If you are interested in using the service, you are welcome to fill out the shuttle service form when race pack pickup.
- If you are a representative from another country (invitees) and incorporated into police units/armed forces, you may request assistance to the defense attaches (embassies) of each country.
- If you are registering individually, you are required to take care of your own administrative needs or contact our customer service via email or telephone.
The committee has collaborated with the official travel agent as stated on the website. If you need assistance, feel free to contact our customer service.